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Anikó Yazmin Lewis

Master of Science in Counselling with a Specialization in Clinical Mental Health.

I am an Accredited Professional Registrant of the British National Counselling Society. Practising since 2017.

I can generally help clients with: facing fear and worry, overcoming sadness, feeling numb and burned out, dissociation, difficulty with self-nurturing, coping skills, high stressors, social and economic pressures, relationship pain, loss and illness, empowerment, finding joy and hope.

The first step is learning more about what kind of therapy, groups and workshops are available at Humble Mouse Counselling, and exploring what you might be interested in pursuing.

If you are not sure about what you need, or what it costs, Aniko is here to help.

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The First Steps…


I work from a strength-based approach, rooted in cultural and personal resilience. I offer short-term counselling and open ended psychotherapy sessions.

I enjoy matching a range of therapeutic modalities with your needs, readiness and preferences. We co-create a treatment plan together, and use a range of evidence based, clinical and experiential activities to meet our goals.

I am dedicated to providing a beneficial and positive experience of the therapeutic process and the journey. I offer a compassionate, kind and delighted approach.


Sublimity Now!


– Spring 2021 SUNDAY CIRCLES Workshop Series –

Online: in the comfort of your own home / space / environment.

Feeling a deep hunger of the soul to reconnect to yourself and your world? My offering here is an invitation to align more perfectly with the changing seasons of your own life. You can read more about the agenda here.

Let us come together and co-create a nourishing, purposeful space – for one day a week where we may bear witness to the enormous work of what it means just to be.




By Minnie Yazmin Lewis. 

This podcast is a hybrid of contemplative reflection, original interviews with beautiful minds of our day, and unique radio plays for your enjoyment and entertainment!

Provided for your personal enrichment and to deepen a connection to like-minded friends as we navigate through these waters of change.


The Amazing Adventures of Beatrice
A Podcast Fiction Series for Young Adults
Written and Produced by Anikó Yazmin Lewis.

Astonishing Interviews of Our Times
Anikó interviews beautiful minds of our day.
Produced by Anikó Yazmin Lewis.

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